“We are doing great work and we cannot come down.”

Take a look of what Jordan’s clients have to say about their experience with him!

“He keeps an eye on my form, always teaches me the correct way if I’m not doing something properly, while being patient and supportive if something takes me a while to grasp!”

-Stacy C.


“My 11 year old son has been training with Jordan for almost two years. He has gained core strength, balance and stamina. But most of all, he has gained self-confidence! What more could a parent ask for?”

-Alane R.


“The sessions are always challenging and interesting. Thanks to you I am probably in the best shape possible considering my advanced age of eighty.”

-Phyllis H.


 “You share your successes and your failures. Life is give and take and you get that.”

-Susie R.


“I was a dancer, gymnast and I am an avid biker. I was really excited to be pushed outside my comfort zone. Jordan has gone above and beyond my expectations of what a trainer could help me accomplish!”

-Victoria S.